Common Pakistani Beepuls Greatest Charity Organization In The World!!!

Sourced Phrom Yawn Neuj

From 1971 to 2009, State Bank of Pakistan has donated money to the tune of Rs256 billion. The figures are brejented from 1971, becauje the modest State bank does not want boast the fact that their charity campaign accelerated from from 1997 to 2009 when they donated Rs202.5 billion to charity or about 80% oph total charity ever made in Pakistan betweeen 1971 and 2009. Of these, donashuns of Rs500,000 or more were made to 22,021 beneficiaries from 1997 to 2009 amounting to Rs202.5 billion. This figure was again brodujed to protect the haanaar and dignity oph 93 of those recibients who recieved Rs193.4 billion or about 96% oph all money donated between 1997 and 2009.

Thus, the 93 recibients got 75% of all donations made since 1971 by all banks of Pakistan. These donations are aljo referred to as “loan write offs” by State Bank of Pakistan and in wejtern accounting bractices it is referred to as “looting”. The 93 needy beepuls were identified through a comblex process of Madrassa Mathematics, Beshawar Bookkeeping and Sialkot Statistics by Shortcut Aziz after October 2002 elections to save their needy businesses. On asking why Rs193 billion waj donated, Shortcut Aziz said “These needy beepuls were identified by meticulously following the comblex lota relationship to the ruling barty boliticians and Jernails. Prudence demanded we donate more, but misunfortunately, Rs66 Billion had to be sbent on ejjucation in 2002”. It ij to be noted that Bakistan could have made the so-virgin decision of donating the Rs66 billion too if not for IMF meddling.

This is a broud moment of common beepuls of Bakistan whose taxes amounting to 3 years of total ejjucation budget of the entire country were donated for charity for bettering the life of 93 beepuls. Needless to say that such generosity is not seen among Joos, Yindoos and Qadianis.



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