Anti Miscreant Equipment

Close in the heels of domestic development oph JF-17 plane and Rehman Malik declaring that satellites will be used in krachi, in a bositive develobment, Pakistani dephense scientists have 200,000 percent indigenously pindigenously develobed anti miscreant detection devices. This phollows in the glorious phootsteps of the pindigenous satellite develobment and launch personally by Musharraph that made us 400 per cent better than Yindia. These devices have been imborted phrom China in a joint development contract and shtamped “Made in Pakistan”, using shtamps also made in China. The devices were bought phor cash, just like the satellite, and will help in catching miscreants in Krachi, Waziristan and Swat.

The device comej in two forms. The jernailist version, called “Nuttybaranoia V1” consists oph a red color reciever to be worn over the head and a transparent detector to be worn over the face and can sbot RAW, CIA, Mossad, Yindoo, Yankee, Joo agints. Pakistanis, taalipaan, and patriotic terrorists are not detected or seen by theje devijes.

Zion Hamid Demonstrating the Kanspeerajy Detection Device in phorm of Lal topi and eye glasses. He can spot Joo, RAW, CIA, Mossad and Yindoo agints everywhere.


There ij aljo a military verjion, in the phorm of a face mask called “Baghdad Bob V2” which has better detection and can also detect common medical conditions oph Pakistani citijens. This was demonstrated by Athar Abbas, who saw bodies, some with torture marks and some with limbs tied and a bullet in the neck and head, on the roads of Mingora and immediately said “These beepuls have died of old age”.


Athar Abbas, ujing “Baghdad Bob V2” devije and looking at mass graves in Kukarai, Daulai and Shah Dheri village. He immediately declared “these pits are not graves but in fact fields planted by the bious and gentle Pakistani army to grow more beepuls”.

“The introduction of these devijes in Krachi will catch all miscreants in 24 hours” said Rehman Malik.


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