Major Emoshuns

Yours sachly was reading Ayaz Amir column where he excoriates the general Pakistani public about where their obsesshun is leading them.  Reading his column, yous sachly started to wonder why the country was in this shape when sensible beepuls like Ayaz Amir is shaping our opinions. Here is a record oph my overflowing emoshuns:

Ayaz Amir: The fallacies of the military class – such as its never-ending quest for security, the preoccupation with Afghanistan, the bane of India-centrism, less a threat to India than to our own mental stability.

Yours Sachly: Whoa!!!

Ayaz Amir: What Pakistan is today, the depths it has plumbed, the failures courted, the follies assiduously pursued, have been the handiwork of its English-speaking elite classes

Yours Sachly: AoA!! Agree!!

Ayaz Amir: Our militarist adventures vis-à-vis India; and the honing of ‘jihad’ as an instrument of strategic fallacies. This last piece of brilliance came from the army as commanded by Gen Ziaul Haq. Religious elements became willing accessories in this game but were not its inventors.

Yours Sachly: AK Phyrr in the Air!! Beace with Yindia!! I like!!

Ayaz Amir: The religious parties have been the hyenas and jackals of the hunt, yelping from the sides and helping themselves to the morsels that came their way. Lords of the hunt, lions of the pack, have been Pakistan’s generals and politicians, assisted ably at all times by a powerful and equally short-sighted mandarin class.

Yours Sachly: Whoa!! He calls a lota a lota and an AK an AK!! Or as english speaking elite would say, he calls a spade a spade!!

Ayaz Amir: If the Pakistani establishment continues to see India as the enemy, keeps pouring money into an arms race it cannot afford, is afflicted by delusions of grandeur relative to Afghanistan, and remains unmindful of the economic disaster into which the country is fast slipping, we will never get a grip on the challenges we face. The raging cleric, frothing at the mouth, is thus not the problem. He is merely a symptom of something larger. Pakistan’s problem is the delusional general and the incompetent politician

Yours Sachly: Beace in South Asia!! PHREEDOMM!!! BEACE BEACE BEACE!! Phreedom!! A Monkey Asha!! BEACE!! BEACE!!

Yours Sachly: Who are these Jackals that feed morsels phrom army and play the sycophant ! Who are those short sighted idiots who gloriphied terrorists moojahids and drove our society to the depths oph extremism!! Who are these who urged the general public to become terrorists and moojahids and commit jihad? Who are these beepuls? Where is my AK? OUTRAGED!! OUTRAGED!!!

Ayaz Amir: Circa 1999: It is instructive and not a little inspiring to consider the courage and skill of the fighters who are challenging the might of the Indian army and air force along the cruel heights of Drass and Kargil in Indian-held Kashmir…Whether any or most of these fighters acquired their combat skills in Afghanistan is a matter of detail. What is important is that their spiritual outlook has been shaped by the Afghan experience which they, and a goodly part of the religious and military establishment in Pakistan, considers to have been a true jehad. It was the spirit of jehad which drove the Soviet army from Afghanistan. It is the spirit of jehad which can drive the Indian army from Kashmir…. Right from the Afghan war till now in Kashmir, volunteers for jehad (or whatever else the finicky may call it) have come from social classes far removed and indeed alienated from this structure. How many people from the intelligentsia or the newspaper-reading classes fought in Afghanistan? How many of them are fighting in Kashmir?…But it does mean that if we are to sustain this policy it must become the common property not only of madrassa students, great as their contribution is, but of all Pakistanis, including those from the affluent classes. Why must only the poor go to Kargil? Why not others? Who provides the volunteers for such organizations as Lashkar-I-Tayyaba, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, etc? Is mainstream Pakistan represented in them?

Yours Sachly: 😦



11 thoughts on “Major Emoshuns

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  2. Pious Amir Saheb is following great Jinnah Saheb, swinging both side.plz pick & choose dear Mango man… Just accept what Saheb says..he cannot be wrong..his views are omnipresent

  3. Yours Sachly has an inconveniently long memory.

    On the brighter side, maybe Ayaz Amir has acquired some wisdom that he lacked a decade ago?

  4. Exactly! And Ayaz Amir has some nerve to say all this, especially given that he is an ELECTED member of the PML-N – no mainstream party has done more to embolden the jihadis and to maintain the Establishment as it has. AA cannot pretend that he is a hapless little child who is merely a bystander. He’s been shaping the national discourse for decades and now he actually, you know, makes decisions for the country.

  5. You Stupid beebul are not getting it

    Friend Ayaz Amir has seen the light of the day

    Ayaz Amir was a Kaptan Sahib in Pakistan Army

    See in 1999, he was busy in Phreedom struggle… gradually he joined politics and is now in the struggle from too much Phreedom for the masses

    Kaptan saab has earned enough Moolah as the elected member, he too is following in the footsteps of other great Faujis like Rahim Khan

    “My admiration in this respect goes out specially to Maj-Gen Rahim Khan, a divisional commander in East Pakistan and later, after we had washed our hands off the eastern wing, secretary-general, defence ministry.

    What comes out clearly in the Hamood Report is that at a critical moment he virtually deserted his command, preferring the relative safety of Dhaka to the uncertainty of fighting. In Siddiq Salik’s “Witness to Surrender” another aspect of the general’s gallantry is also revealed. In the final moments leading up to the fall of Dhaka, Rahim off-loaded a batch of army nurses as they were about to be flown by helicopter to Burma and got in himself. Obviously not a man to be underestimated.”

    so Beebul, similarly do not mis-under- estimate friend Ayaz Amir

  6. Major, more manly kisses on your warrior cheeksand AK phor your hanaaring scotch-fueled writings of your batriot Ayaz Amir. Many years ago your sachly was great phan uph Ayaz Amir writings and thought here was shared edjucated commonjalities between Yinds and purej beoples uph Pakistan; until I’s read Amir’s Kargil qawwali poetries. It brought tears to mines eyes just like phinest Vogon intergalactic poetries. And like Vogon construjaction fleet buiding stratejic depth bypasses throguh bopulated blanets without any thought uph conjequencje or miseries on affejected beoples, Ayaz Amir and phellow Pakistani warrior elites superfijially talk the soothing talk in buplic whiles laying waste to Pakistan and surroundings. Just like hanaared martyred secular saint Salman Taseer who in private, according to out-uph-wedlock yind son, hated unkils, and joos (and denied joo holocaujt kanspeerajy), and yinds (many of whom called him (and Ayaz Amir) gud phriend). Sachly a prodijious writing talent and a prodijious conjumer uph finest distilljed waters-uph-life. When revolution phinally comes, Ayaz Amir should be hanaared by being phirst batriot againjt wall. But he, like all gud batriots, will likely have continjency blans to ejcape to Dubais or Londons, or even Dilli iph push cames to shove.

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