Scared People Attend Book Party, Dont Really Defy The Taliban

By now you might have figured that the phrase “liberal people of Pakistan” severely annoys yours sachly’s goat who goes nuts and writes blog posts.

So this lazy sundin yours sachly opens newspapers and what does he see? Krachi Literature Festival!! Where about a hundred authors and about five thousand people gathered to “defy the taliban and talk about books and not bombs”!! (paraphrased) where among many things people indulged in:

Reimagining a state that presently “breaks bread with the Americans during the day and sleeps with the Taliban at night” and of course “You know that all is not lost when eager readers turn up in the hundreds to witness a former nun open a literary festival” Whoa! So a bunch of people gathered to talk about books, re-imagined the future of Pakistan which happens to be a tolerant society!! (or at least will become one by the time the literature festival ends)

While their safety is of atmost concern,  articles insinuating that literature-loving intelligentsia form the vanguard of Pakistan’s saviors were a bit hard for your sachly’s goat to chew and digest. The goat started to wonder “Is this whole fixing Pakistan thing a PR stunt for the festival or are they serious?” So yours sachly’s fourth cousin tweeted:

So I think it is safe to conclude that no taliban defiance is going on in Krachi Literature Festival. It is a bunch of  scared people having a party about books. And just in case you had any lingering doubts (or any hopes about the whole Blasphemy law issue and/or liberal people saving Pakistan)….

PS> For more rants, please see yours sachly’s comment response.


19 thoughts on “Scared People Attend Book Party, Dont Really Defy The Taliban

  1. So..major..what u saying is …you are the next Brophet..Oracle? You can send this to Ratzinger..he will term this as a miracle..and get u sainthood before John Paul
    seriously…your bredictions are scary..hope they dont come true everytime..

  2. Truly wonderful. I cannot even fathom your greatness. All this crap about the educated middle class rising/ silent majority is just not happening. Time to call a spade a spade. The revolution will come thru the realization of ordinary people – non-intellectuals. The day they do not care to die – ala Tunis/Egypt, that will be the day a better dawn will shine on Pakistan.
    These book lovers/ intellectuals are merely hot air. Cant do shit. They are even scared of their shadows.
    Scared ppl do not start revolutions.

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  4. Oh wow, what a trap and they walked right into it, like lambs. And that is just what they are….lambs to the slaughter. So much for their braveness. How hollow and how terrified. At one level I feel sorry for them

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  6. Whoa! Even writers can’t say what they want. As put in so eloquently by the greatest of Indian writers, a certain Ms. A. Roy,

    “Pity the nation that has to silence its writers for speaking their minds. Pity the nation that needs to jail those who ask for justice, while communal killers, mass murderers, corporate scamsters, looters, rapists, and those who prey on the poorest of the poor, roam free.”

    But I suppose that only holds true for India. Pakistan, as you put it, is a bious land.

  7. Those who read books are subbosed to think or are they just subbosed to wink and nod.

    What kind of books were they reading.. Majorlyprofound please post the title of the books.

    Surely one of those books and its Kufr readers can be made to be a candidate for “Wajhi Bull-Cattle”

    This denial shows the literati were using the book seminar as an excuse for Chai biskoot and gup shup especially about the latest fashion trends as shown in Kaffir TVs.

    Qadri can continue to pray and eat biryani in peace… in fact with so much time at hand, he can use some of the books of the Karachi festival…. strictly halal books only blease…

    Majorlyprofound is hereby nominated for the new Oracle Database version 13i

    • I agree & understand. But it makes me rant 2 things. A smaller rant and a bigger rant:

      1. If it is just a bunch of people gathering to read books — why all this news articles about the people somehow reforming Pakistan or the festival being a proof that somehow Pakistan is still a peaceful & tolerant place to live in? (Ref: “You know that all is not lost when eager readers turn up in the hundreds to witness a former nun open a literary festival”) In any other part of the world, attributing a statement that calls for punishing a murderer would not invite such a quick denial or such a thorough wetting of people’s pants.

      2. This is a bigger rant: If people in posh areas in Karachi (which presumably includes powers that be/ diplomats and others) cant even risk a statement which condemns a murderer, why make statements like “Solving Cashmere is necessary for peace in South Asia” — People cannot speak out against a semi-literate, inbred, room temperature IQ murderer – how do they propose to take down well oiled terror machinery?

      • Priceless!!! In jest u write what philosophers of merit would. Sir I Salute your fearlessness, intellect, foresight!

  8. Ahaaa Major, you surely jest

    ” how do they propose to take down well oiled terror machinery?”

    Why should they take down well oiled terror machinery especially bhen the oil has been administered lovingly for over 2 decades by all and sundry.

    Wink and nudge… pour more oil in the Phyrr and here is some AKs for added flavour

    Ghazis are good if they are blowing themselves in remote parts of the world (As far away from Clifton as possible), the problem is only when they get ideas from Majorlyprofound that for 70+ years they have been on the receiving side of some serious loving with a blunt object…..

    Everyone and his fourth cousin wants the the fireworks to continue but in distant parts, they are all Biously praying that the preying happens away from them… no one and his uncle has any problems conceptually with praying or preying..

  9. How about if I tweet something like

    eww what? RT @majorlyprofound I hate Mo and his followers. Those pesky little goat loving creatures.

    Then simply sit back and relax after claiming that you deleted the tweet. Just for little fun and yes a blog post at my website, also it will make a great conversation topic on faceboook and twitter latter on. The ego boost will be phenomenal, will make me look like an intellectual making fun of another frustrated liberal disguised as the voice of sanity.

    Growing up has many stages, so start now.

      • And I am amused to see that you think that

        (a) A statement calling for judicial prosecution of a murderer
        (b) A statement filled with bigotry and blasphemy

        are totally the same and equal. Pakistan needs more people like you!

      • It took you two comments to bring about an analysis about the “differences” in the statements.

        Outrage Much?

        So now you need an intellectual debate about the merits and demerits of the individual statements? I am just having fun right; like you, who cares about the consequences. Only those liberals living in those glass houses care about them. Not me, not you.

  10. Err, if I know something about the blasphemy laws of Pakistan, Andaleeb just committed blasphemy when he wrote this:

    “eww what? RT @majorlyprofound I hate Mo and his followers. Those pesky little goat loving creatures.”.

    Oops! So did I!!!

    Well, so what. AK Phyrr!

  11. My phavorate biece by Major thus far. The sheer effrontery in pricking sanctimonious smug bubble in Karachi; just likes famous joo chutzpah or better still, Pakistani military phirm grasp of unkils balls while grabbing own balls with other hand. Brilliant expose of hypocrijy!

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