Thorough Brosecution Of Mumbai Attackers in Pakistan

Gautam Gambhir’s recent statement that the Indian cricket world lota victory was dedicated to the 26/11 victims rightfully raised outrage in Pakistan. Before heaping blame on Pakistan for Pakistan-trained terrorists who commit terror acts in India, Indians should realize that Pakistan too is a victim of Pakistan-trained terrorists. In any case, viewing India-Pakistan relationship through the one-dimensional lens of terror is quite unfair to the world’s foremost front-line ally against terror. Pakistan has time and again tried to rescue India-Pakistan relationship from falling prey to 26/11 issue by first insisting that Kasab was not Pakistani, then by insisting that the terror attack was planned in a ship in international waters and finally when Indians nitpicked based on confessions of Kasab, insisting that the terrorists were non-state actors and terror did not have a nationality. When the Indians complained that the terror organization responsible for 26/11 attack was registered in Pakistan, Pakistan went the extra mile to declare the LeT as a charity organization. Despite all this, Indians insisted in Judicial action, indulged in state-sponsored tree-terrorism, sent pages and pages of dossiers and defamed Pakistan.

Pakistan reciprocated positively even for this grave dossier provocation. Nowhere in the world have terrorists been dragged through the courts for such extended period of time with such meticulous prosecution. Consider the chronology:

      • March 4, 2009: The trial starts!! AK Phyrr!! (in camera of course)
      • May 24, 2009: How can there be a trial without a judge, hain ji? (not our fault)
      • July 18, 2009: Chargesheet filed!! (Going to Sharm-al-Sheikh, have to show brogress!!)
      • July 25, 2009: Case adjourned for 1 month (Back from Sharm-al-Sheikh!!)
      • Aug 29, 2009: Adjourned for 1 month (Still digesting the food eaten at Sharm-Al-Sheikh!!)
      • Sep 26, 2009: Adjourned again (Still digesting)
      • Oct 3, 2009: Adjourned again (digesting…)
      • Oct 21, 2009: Judge wants to leave the case for “unavoidable reasons” (400% sure it is a gastric problem)
      • New judge, many adjournments, case put off till accused plea for acquittal is considered (I yam no judicial exbert, but isnt this what the case is about?) fast forward to Feb 13, 2010
      • Feb 13, 2010: Case adjourned because the judge is “busy”
      • Feb 20, 2010 to Apr 19, 2010 (heated debate whether Kasab is an absconder, a fugitive or a proclaimed offender) Adjourned till July 03, 2010 to find out whether Yindia will send Kasab to Pakistan (Riddal: Blease to guess Yindia’s answer)
      • July 31, 2010: Judgement on Lakhvi’s bail plea reserved till August 7 (“reserving” is a judicial activity 400% distinct from “adjourning”)
      • Aug 28, 2010: Reserved judgement is adjourned till Sep 18. (Did I naat tell you “reserving” is different from “adjourning” hain ji?)
      • Nov 13, 2010: Pakistan has determined that Yindia will not hand over Kasab (then what happened on July 03, 2010 you pooch? Just making 400% sure)
      • Dec 17, 2010: Defence lawyer has fake degree. Case adjourned.(imagine how long the case would have dragged on if he had a real degree!!)
      • Jan 8, 2011: Adjourned
      • Jan 22, 2011: Adjourned
      • Feb 5, 2011: NOT ADJOURNED!!! (heh heh, just kidding. Also adjourned)
      • Feb 17, 2011: Take a guess!!
      • Feb 26, 2011: Guess again if you made a mistake last time!!
      • March 05, 2011: One more chance!!
      • March 26, 2011: Last chance for guessing!!

As you can dekho, even before examining a single witness over 2 years, look at the thoroughness of Pakistani Judiciary! Then why do Indians complain? Pakistanis have chosen to move on and forget the trauma to the national Image the 26/11 has caused and tried hard to forget. Maybe the tiny hearted Indians should take a clue from large hearted Pakistanis and move on too. Regular statements to the media about the 180 odd killed in Mumbai will only serve to keep their memories alive.

In conclusion, what I am trying to say is….

(artecal adjourned till later)


19 thoughts on “Thorough Brosecution Of Mumbai Attackers in Pakistan

  1. Major strikes once again. Recommend promotion to “Leftan” Colonel.

    Yindia, want to strike at terrorists with impunity? Khareed lo some drones from your Israeli friends. Hellfire phyrr! (That was redundant!)

  2. As usual u have hit the nail on the head. The Chutiya Indian’s (me incl) do not understand that Pak is not a Banana Republic unlike India which is (ask Ratan Tata-no more a respectable man can u get !-? #uprefer).
    It is about the due process of the law. No kangaroo courts in Pak. Cant afford to make mistakes. Cant afford to run roughshod over the rights of the accused. No Sir this is Pak not Ind n here the Law is King.
    N i ask how different is the process from Ind. See it has sentensed so many to death eg the Parliament case. N they have not yet carried out the sentence. Y becoz of the law. So how different is Pak, I pooch also?
    Stand by the Stand of the Pak! No external interference in Pak due process by external forces intent of destabilizing the soverignity of the country. Zionist plot me sez.

  3. Major Saab
    The problem with these ‘charity organizations’ is that you don’t know when they will start biting the hands of the masters that feed them. Remember Masood Azhar of JeM.He was released from Indian prison due to the hijacking and he is now murdering pakistani citizens and army/isi. It would have been better for Pakistan people and isi/army if he had spent his life in indian jails.
    LeT might also suddenly start behaving in that way to pakistan’s nightmare if they are not destroyed.

  4. AK phyre! Oh frabjous day! Majorish back! And metijooculously reserched too-gud artecal to make up phur time he was sorely (not that kind uph sore, silly) missed. Beats me wheres he phinds time to depthly reserch in betweens Pak army thorough planning for next brilljiant Cargil stratejy to phriendly keep Yinds on toes. But more power to him. Raket-propeled grenaid phyre in air!

  5. Would be even more funny if it were not so tragic especially for the friends and families of scores of people who needlessly perished on that fateful day. In IR and geopolitics for most part, only power rules.

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