Jardari Stole My Oped

On this momentous occashun when Sheikh Osama has become Shaheed, I had written an op-ed for western newsbapers. Those of you who are regulars in this blog and are readers of my tweets know my strategic stance on various issues of strategic geopolitics pertinent to the strategy of Pakistan’s strategic interests. Todin, I wake up and what do I see? My column reproduced almost verbatim (with a few words changed here and there) with Jardari taking complete credit (Like how Wajid Shamsul Hasan took credit for the operashun which caught Bin Laden) for it!!

Jardari’s (stolen I might hasten to add) Washington Post op-ed is here. I am reproducing the draft of my piece so you yourself can make up your mind:

Pakistan wont Part with Some Parts of the Whole Part of the Operashun

Before  the people of the United States, Britain, Spain, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Turkey, Yemen, Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Algeria and ofcourse Dagestan (those countries who can benefit from solushun to Cashmere issue) complain about terroijam originating from Pakistan, they should all realize that Pakistan itself victim of Pakistan-trained terrorists. Although the events of Sunday were not a joint operashun, Pakistan helped capture Bin Laden by not being unhelpful in capturing Bin Laden (at this time).

One should realize that Pakistan’s terror toll bigger than the terror toll of all countries in NATO put together. Before terror victims complain to me about being victims of terror groups sheltered in Pakistan, they should realize I too am victim of terror groups sheltered in Pakistan. Some in the U.S. press have suggested that Pakistan lacked vitality in its pursuit of terrorism, but such allegashuns only serve to strengthen the hands of extremists.

Before going NUTS at the inevitable protests marches in support of Bin Laden that will surely follow, I wish to remind you that religious parties win less than 0.001% of support in Pakistan, (the rest 99.999% oph support goes directly to Murderers who sing in Jail cells and Rapists who walk away free, like this one time when nobody stood up to condole Salman Taseer in the Nashunal assembly and the 0.001% oph beepuls who did, are now in hiding. But I digress). Asking uncomfortable questions will only destabilize democrajy in Pakistan and lead to further radicalizashun of South Asia and Central Asia.

I will now quote Benajir because I never really figured out what the Quaid said about Pakistan in the constituent assembly.

Now blease to go read Jardari’s Washington Post op-ed is here and see for yourself!!


2 thoughts on “Jardari Stole My Oped

  1. Deeply sari bout unprincipled theft by Jardari, Major. When phust read Jardari oped, immejiate thoguht waj who really wrote beace. Since Jardari never read anything beyund Phamous Phive, it waj clear as the safed hills oph Chagai that Jardari couldjnt haph written a decent oped even if it waj to bed Kim Barker reporteress. My phurst pick waj Ambajjador Husain Haqqani, he uph the silver tongue-in-cheeky, but now I am enlightened to learn that it waj Major’s beace all along. Kudos!

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