On the Importance of Pakistan-US Relationship

I have been reading the various articles and analysis about the recent suspension of US military aid to Pakistan. The narrative of most of the articles seem to converge along the lines of:

U.S.-Pakistan relationship is so vital for success in Afghanistan, stability of Pakistan and defeat of terror that I cannot imagine why U.S. would be so short sighed and not value this relationship.

All of which makes eminent sense to me, but I am more than a bit annoyed (could you tell?). The reason is simple: Let us, for a minute assume that the relationship is valuable to the U.S., to Pakistan and to the rest of the world. Let me jog your memories by randomly picking out – from the top of my head – instances which reflect the value Pakistan places in this relationship*.

  • Pakistan halted NATO convoys for several days, leading to several tankers being set on fire
  • Pakistan establishment did the Raymond Davis drama for an extended period of time
  • Gilani and Kayani are rumored to have advised Karzai to ditch the U.S. and throw in his lot with China
  • Pasha had his famous outburst against U.S. in the assembly
  • GHQ released a strongly worded statement exhorting U.S. to re-allocate aid to the civilians
  • The establishment instigated much drama over conditions in the Kerry-Lugar act

    Not a week goes by without some section of Pakistan rioting against some incident involving the US (Aafiya anyone?) some section of the establishment releasing vaguely threatening statements, some section of columnists, analysts and ex-diplomats playing the China card and so on.

    If Pakistan has dispensed with the practice of haranguing in private and crossed the Rubicon to using public threats, instigated anti-Americanism and coercion in its dealing with the U.S., why the surprise at the reciprocity from the U.S.? Why does it come as a surprise that the U.S. does not value its relationship with Pakistan and fundamentally hates Pakistan as much as Pakistan hates the U.S.? If it is not a surprise, then why the strong tone of indignation all these articles?

    *I am charitably ignoring the shady role played by the agencies vis-à-vis OBL, Mullah Baradar, SSS affair since there is “no proof” of this.

3 thoughts on “On the Importance of Pakistan-US Relationship

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