Pasha Conquers Washington–A Quick Note

There have been a spate of articles recently in the press, following Gen Ahmad Shuja Pasha’s visit to the US, which yours sachly will summarize for your convenience:

US is convinced that it cannot win without Pakistan’s assistance in Afghanistan, and therefore invited Pasha to the US. US agreed to resume aid, apologized profusely for its actions, promised take Pakistan’s sensitivities into account and assured that it would give Pakistan a larger say in the future of Afghanistan. Large hearted Pasha gracefully accepted this offer, and issued a few ultimatums and warnings which made all of American civilian and security staff tremble and sweat. They gave him and the people of Pakistan a pony as a parting gift.

Which just goes on to prove my hypothesis:

Pasha personally carried reports of progress made by the ISI to determine if any members of the ISI/Armed forces were complicit in hiding Osama Bin Laden. US made a few more demands and stated that further progress in this investigation is the litmus test for resumption of military aid. Following the visit, ISPR planted a few articles to cast ISI in a positive light.

In case you missed the conclusion:



5 thoughts on “Pasha Conquers Washington–A Quick Note

  1. Surprised nobody made a citizen’s arrest of Pasha in DC, for his organizations numerous, multiple and ongoing crimes against humanity.

  2. A trojan pony for fourth cousin. Sorry for length.

    I think the US needs to call the Pak bluff on Afghan Taliban ASAP.

    Some unsubstantiated assumptions underlie Af-Pak blather of Pakistan and its friends in international community about a potential Afghan solution-in-waiting, possible if only US were less cussed.

    Namely that
    1. Taliban can deliver a peaceful united Afghanistan, including all ethnic groups and regions in workable compromise.
    2. ISI can deliver cooperation of Taliban and said workable compromise in Afghanistan and also Pak Pashtun regions.

    3. If the US follows Pakistan’s dictated script, Taliban will behave as a reasonable party conducting reasonable dealings with other Afghans and the US, and a said peaceful Afghan compromise will follow.

    4. Al Qaeda’s global jihad agenda and their presence in Pak tribal areas is a totally separate issue not related to Taliban.

    Actually, these are ALL hogwash, viz
    1. Taliban never shared power or compromised with various ethnic groups nor did it hold all regions via consent. Taliban control over Afghanistan was based on purely brutal military balance of power conferred on them by Pak Army support and ethnic cleansing. That is the reason why it was so easy to defeat Taliban in Oct 2001 by paying off Pakistan Army and Afghan factions.

    Installing Mullah Omar even as absolute dictator in Kabul will not reestablish Taliban military controll – that will require another civil war.

    2. ISI cannot in fact deliver cooperation of varied armed groups fighting in FATA and Afghanistan. If Pakistan could control them via Mullah Omar, FATA wouldn’t be the ungovernable hell as it is now caught between militias operating at various levels of ideological ‘hardness’.

    So Afghanistan and FATA will not see peace among Pashtuns even if they swear in Mullah Omar as Amir ul Momin tomorrow and forget about getting Uzbek, Tajiks and Hazaras to accept Mullah Omar’s overlordship.

    Al Qaeda is also not going to become nonviolent just because US brings Mullah Omar out of the cold.

    3. See 1 and 2. It is a mirage that either ISI or Taliban will behave as reasonable parties conducting reasonable dealings with other Afghans and the US. Refer to the last 21 years of ISI and their Afghan clients unreliable behaviour towards their then ally US and genocidal behaviour towards other Afghans and even dissenting Pakistanis. ‘Ideology’ esp. about use of brute force have been ISI and Taliban constant mantras.

    4. The links between Taliban and Al Qaeda with ISI and Pak militias as supportive adjuncts in the relationship have always existed and cannot be severed without a war within ISI itself.

    So what to do?
    Call the bluff and ask ISI to get Mullah Omar to the negotiating table. Watch all these assumptions fail one by one.
    1. Jihadi politics is all about being the last man standing when the shooting ends. Mullah Omar will refuse to make common cause of other ethnic groups and his fellow Afghan leaders will be killed one by one to eliminate the inconvenience of their dissent with him and their political and military muscle which underlies their dissent.

    2. Jihadi politics is all about being last man standing when the shooting ends. ISI will either feed the violence or will be helpless to control it, even with Mullah Omar dictating terms. The prize of power is too much for jihadis groups to reach peaceful agreement with each other.

    3. See 1 and 2.
    4. See 1 and 2.

    After a spate of extreme violence while US tried to engineer a Afghan compromise, Mullah Omar, the Afghan Taliban utopia and Af-Pak blather of Pak military with lose all credibility.

    Factions of ISI agreeing to some political compromise to end fighting will clash with factions of ISI wanting ideological Afghan utopia. ISI will see the same intercine war which Pak Army is currently threatened with. The US and rest of the world can then stop paying attention to Pak blather and move on.

  3. Corr:
    After a spate of extreme violence while US tries to engineer a Afghan compromise, Mullah Omar, the Afghan Taliban utopia and Af-Pak blather of Pak military will lose all credibility.

  4. Briljant as ever. Link provided waj priceless! Perhabs pony (and kutta) given to Ghulam Nabi Fai phur Cashmere show? Plis to write abaout spontanenous indejependent Cashmere lobbying by Unkil’s taxpajers.

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