A Comprehensive Analysis of Aatish Taseer Episode

Note to everone except Ejaz Haider:

Go and get a life. Dont grab your AK and express OUTRAGE for every teeny column written by random semi-popular people from across the border.

Note to Ejaz Haider:

Please try harder to impress us with your reading list.


7 thoughts on “A Comprehensive Analysis of Aatish Taseer Episode

  1. i express OUTRAGE at this post for asking pakistanis to stop expressing OUTRAGE. expressing OUTRAGE is part of pakistani identity. be it gaza flotilla or sudan or kashmir or EPL or …

    do joo even know there ij a law of Pakistani OUTRAGE?
    OUTRAGE ij inversely proportional to effect an issue haj on pakistan.

  2. First there is policy yielding hundreds of thousands of corpses. Then there are overgrown schoolboys in their blazers nonchalantly hovering over them terming the gruesome vista ‘statecraft’. Then someone writes something in a newspaper and they all get upset. Really strange 😦

  3. One common refrain, from Pakistani posters at least, is that Aatish is a lad still wet behind his ears, and someone with the “stature” and the “breadth of knowledge” like Ejaz Haider is wasting his time in condescending to stoop to the schoolboy’s level in responding to his WSJ op-ed. I don’t know much about Mr. Haider other than what I’ve read in this blog and his commentary on Taseer’s article, but I have read Taseer’s books and he is a talented writer who has packed more into his relatively brief existence than many of his peers.

    Taseer’s opinion piece appeared to be straightforward and direct, and was bolstered by his documented memoirs of his time with his late father and his investigation of the roots of his father’s identity. I have read other articles by his half-siblings, with far fewer accomplishments other than being their father’s child, that border on hagiography and sanctimony and, yet, were received without any questions about their lack of gravitas; which Haider, apparently, has in plenty. Haider’s response, on the other hand, was rather juvenile and filled with ad hominem swipes and replete with dropped allusions of the “depth” of his awesome reading list; as Major wonderfully satirized. So where’s (and what’s) the aged beef?

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