Lone Wolf is Lonely

So one Mr Walid Zafar Teets:

@WeeZieInc When a Muslim commits terror, every Muslim in the world somehow shares responsibility. When it’s a white Christian, he’s always a lone wolf.

Which is representative of many teets on teetar, made yours sachly 400% agree and wallow in deep sadness at the loneliness of the lone wolf unfortunate enough to be born in a cold Scandinavian country. Such loneliness will never happen in warmer places inhabited by purer people where every one will definitely share responsibility. Off the  top of my head I can assert that:

  1. The interior minister of Norway is unlikely to insinuate that an Israeli weapon was used and take care of the image of his own people.
  2. The Bresident oph Norway probably wont deny on Larry King that the shooter was a Norwegian and stand up for his rights. I soch this is becase Larry King show ended. Also the President is bigoted.
  3. I also soch that the killer probably wont be garlanded by the lawyers.
  4. The barbaric Norwegian bolis will probably never leak myoojic videos oph him in Jail.
  5. The equally barbaric Norwegian army wont have the guts to sign beace treaties with the Christian right.
  6. Neither are they large hearted enough to promulgate rule oph Pible in Norwegian provinces.
  7. Norwegian people are probably lazy. The society probably wont rise up and demand his release.
  8. The killer probably wont be getting any stipend in Jail from the Norwegian government either.
  9. Nor will he get any subbort from the Judges.
  10. Norwegian jingos will probably overly gloriphy the victims and not take a balanced view.

With so little subbort phrom the political leadership of Norway, the Norwegian Police, the Norwegian Army, the Norwegian Government, it Lawyers, Judges and the Society at large, the killer is probably very lonely. This will never happen in Pakistan where every one — irrespective of whether they are Politicians, Army, Police, Lawyers, Judges or just common ordinary Pakistanis — will pitch in and make sure that the killer doesn’t feel lonely at all. The citizens would all collectively ensure that the killer is very well taken care of, and the responsibilities of his legal, economic and social well being will be somehow be shared equally by everyone*.

Another one of many reasons why the west is so corrupt and under decline and one of the many proofs of our collective sense of shared responsibility which makes us all united and unfailingly stand up for one of our own. Proud to say that there are no wolves that are lonely among the pure.

*Except for the mythical silent majority, which like the Himalayan Yeti has never been seen at all. Which means either it never existed, is probably dead or hiding with fear in a cave somewhere.


13 thoughts on “Lone Wolf is Lonely

  1. Difficult to know how serious you are, but it is true that we Americans rush to distance
    ourselves from perpetrators. Yet the Creator of all makes a multitude of efforts to
    make us–clumps. He sets us in families, in houses of worship, in communities, countries,
    in work callings among people of like interests and loves. And now we have many
    electronic links. He continually works to call us to Himself, to recall us, to embrace us.
    I believe ultimately, next life, there will not be all the castaways many people think.

    Truly it is terrible to be alone. And I think all of us abhor being unattached, even when
    we do not admit it. One big thing about Heaven will be connectedness. In our Scriptures,
    (not to evangelize, but just to mention the concept), the Creator urges us to “be one.”
    I hope this is not offensive. Being one sounds good to me. (Muslim-Christian,
    Pakistani-American.) No fighting, but enjoying each other, each a part of the Creator’s
    creation. Personally, I find Pakistanis fascinating and lovable.

  2. Oh major major major. You make me see everything twice. And this reminds me of a movie, whose name I no longer remember. It is clever and brilliant and full of dark innuendoes but in the end a girl and a boy are flying high!!! But the bad men win.

  3. Dear Yossi, you forgot to add one more Major. It was Major Major Major Major. He could never be promoted nor demoted, because the army had only one Major Major Major Major.

    Just as we have only one incomparable Major Bearls Oph Wisdom.

    Aj phur movie, I thinks thij is one oph my favojrites. Although iph made today it mijht aj well be called Pakistan.

    Brasil, meu Brasil Brasileiro,
    Meu mulato inzoneiro,
    Vou cantar-te nos meus versos:
    O Brasil, samba que dá,
    Bamboleio, que faz gingar;
    O Brasil do meu amor,
    Terra de Nosso Senhor.
    Brasil!… Brasil!… Prá mim!… Prá mim!…

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