Herps Fueled Thoughts – 1

Hina Rabbani Khar’s appointment as the foreign minister was met by a collective “meh”. Intelligentsia were quick to point out her privileged entry into politics and lament the lack of choices. Some wrote articles arguing why a woman in a position of power need not yield dividends for betterment of women as a whole in Pakistan.

Indian media’s fawning over her has changed all that, and suddenly she is a poster girl for woman power — one who can carry her Birkin bag and Pakistan’s position on Kashmir with equal grace. One has to admire Indian media’s ability to grant legitimacy to Pakistani public figures. The last time it was in full display in Agra in 2001, it shored up Musharraf’s fortune and Pakistan had to live with him for the next seven years.

Indian media with its short attention span, will move on to the next headline-worthy news item. Maybe IPL, next fast unto death or the telecom scam. Pakistan on the other hand, will be stuck with the same FM with her new found legitimacy whose only notable achievement so far, like Musharraf before her, is impressing a bunch of fawning Indian journalists.


5 thoughts on “Herps Fueled Thoughts – 1

  1. The Indian Media has sick policy of High-lighting some issues/personalities so that light does not shine on issues/personalities they’d rather remain hidden!

  2. Nice. But
    Q. Is the LoC going to move an inch? No.
    Q. Are Hafiz Saeed and his Pak Army handlers going to lose a minute’s sleep? No.

    IOW, it makes no difference to the reality on the ground whether Indian journos made a big fuss about HRK or not.

    Apart from that, some Indians remain deluded that peace with Pak is possible via such tamashas(Monkey’s asha). This episode just fed their delusions. Depending on how powerful the deluded are, the proportionally more ruinous their delusions are.

    Meanwhile, Pakistan has worse calamities to deal with than having HRK as foreign minister.

  3. Perjabs Hina can sheduce elderly Yind minijsters jus like how Shaukat Gigolo Aziz knocked Condi Rice off her feets. Bejides, pearl necklaces, elegant haute couture, Cavalli sunglasses and Birkin bag by Hermes makjes Pakistan look phust world class. AK… err.. Fabbri phyre in air!

    True story. When searching through the internets for expensive guns as a fitting replacement for the venerable AK, in keeping with the delightful Hina Rabbani’s exquisite tastes, the first site that popped out was the defence.pk website. Pakistan, the gift that keeps giving!


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