Retired & Rogue Moojahid Non-State Actors That Nobody Knows About

Heated arguments fly around as to whether Pakistan Government knew about Osama in Abbottabad, or if the Army and ISI knew and Government didnt, or whether retired and rogue faction of ISI did but Army, ISI and Government didnt, or if neither Government, nor Army nor ISI (legitimate & rogue) knew and only non-state actors did or if anybody knew at all. These arguments are frequently accompanied by denials and passionate assertions.

Ditto for the (bad) Haqqani network. Are the (bad) Haqqanis in Pakistan? Do they get support? Do they get support only from “non state actors”? Do they get support from retired and rogue ISI? Do they get support from official ISI and army? Do they get support from the Government?

Same story for drone attacks. And Mumbai attacks. And Saleem Shazad murder. And Benazir Murder. Bulk of our information about  all these come exclusively from denials and pious assertions made with passion with victimhood thrown in.

Since thinking about all these is a pain on the backside and I believe everything that the Government and Army says, I decided to not worry about Osama or Haqqani or drones and amuse myself with pious statements about Kargil. Where Northern Light Infantry fought and occupied Indian territory. Thanks to internet and all that, I pulled up a few articles from 1999.

From here:

If the Mujahideen(Islamic warriors) are forced to withdraw from Kargil-Drass, they will “head straight to Islamabad instead of Srinagar and it would lead to a civil war in the country,” Urdu daily Din quoted former director general of Inter-Services Intelligence General (retd) Hamid Gul as saying.

From here:

Pakistan has agreed to make an appeal to the `mujahideen’ to stop fighting in Kargil and vacate their positions after having achieved their objective of drawing international attention to the Kashmir dispute, Pakistan Foreign Office spokesman Tariq Altaf said last night.

From here:

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said the mujahideen had achieved the”basic purpose” of the occupation. ”By agreeing to vacate these peaks on our appeal, the mujahideen have created an opportunity that will, God-willing, lead to Kashmir’s liberation. And that opportunity is efforts for a solution of the Kashmir dispute through bilateral talks and the full attention, interest and pressure of world powers, for the success of these efforts,” he said.

 From here:

“Basically the disengagement between the mujahideen and the Indian troops, as far as we can monitor, is going on smoothly,” Pakistan military spokesperson Brigadier Rashid Qureshi said. Qureshi said the reported remarks by Chief of Army Staff General Pervez Musharraf in an interview with the BBC on Friday that his troops had indeed crossed into the Indian side of Kashmir to fight – after weeks of Pakistani denials that its troops had been involved – had been taken out of context and “blown up out of all proportion”.He said Musharraf’s words did not amount to an admission of Indian and Western charges that Pakistani troops had taken part in the capture of strategic heights in Batalik, Drass and Kargil areas of Indian north Kashmir.

From here:

After his return from London on July 8, where he met Prime Minister Tony Blair, Sharif went into a meeting with Chief of the Army Staff Gen. Pervez Musharraf and other senior aides. The next day he presided over a meeting of the Defence Committee of the Cabinet (DCC), Pakistan’s highest decision-making body on security matters. The DCC “decided that Pakistan should appeal to the mujahideen to help resolve the Kargil situation”. Soon after the DCC meeting ended, Sharif met with leaders of the Jehad Council in the presence of Gen. Musharraf and made an “appeal” to them to “help resolve” the Kargil situation. An official statement issued after a Cabinet meeting on July 10 said: “The Cabinet noted that the mujahideen have responded positively to the appeal of the Government of Pakistan to help resolve the Kargil situation.”

From here:

Foreign Minister Sartaj Aziz has said that Kashmiri freedom fighters will be requested to vacate Kargil area inoccupied Kashmir only if India agrees to revert back to 1972 positions on the Line of Control when Simla agreement was signed.The Pakistani Foreign Minister, who arrived in London on Tuesday morning along with Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif on a day-long visit enroute to Pakistan, told reporters that Pakistan has agreed to request and appeal to the freedom fighters to vacate Kargil area if India also agrees to vacate the areas that it occupied on the Line of Control after the signing of the Simla agreement in 1972.

So there you go. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Foreign Minister Sartaj Aziz, Defence Committee of Cabinet, Pakistan military spokesperson Brigadier Rashid Qureshi, Pakistan Foreign Office spokesman Tariq Altaf and Hamid Gul all agreed that non-state actor mujahideen had occupied Kargil and Pakistan was doing everything in their power to get them to vacate. Pakistan Government, Army, Foreign office, ISI (Legitimate, rogue, serving and retired) had nothing to do with it, just like in the Osama, Haqqani, Drone, Mumbai and Baluchistan issues.


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