87% Of Pakistanis Wish Pakistan had Sheltered Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad

A massive survey of attitudes in Pakistan has revealed that 87% of Pakistanis do not believe Osama Bin Laden lived in Abbottabad and wish that Pakistan had sheltered him in Abbottabad. Most Pakistanis denied that Osama Bin Laden lived in the Abbottabad compound, dismissed newspaper reports of the Abbottabad raid as “A conspiracy perpetrated by Zionists in USA to defame Pakistan as a terrorist sheltering country”, were of a strong opinion that Pakistanis would never shelter a terrorist like Osama Bin Laden and expressed regrets that “Pakistan did not do more to shelter and protect the great Sheikh”.

Psychology experts believe that such simultaneous belief of contradictory facts is fostered by the opposing requirements of wanting to believe in conspiracy theories, while generally hating the west. A renowned professor of Psychology in CMH-Lahore Medical College said “After my 20 years’ practice of Psychology, which is also my passion, I have concluded that usually it is quite simple to indulge in conspiracy theories as well as hatred for the west. Sometimes though, they lead to opposing conclusions — in which case there is no choice but to believe two opposite things at the same time”. He then proceeded to denounce psychology as a tool invented in the west to control the spread of Islam.

Seeking to explain this phenomenon, a prominent pro-American analyst in Islamabad said that “Americans are viewed with suspicion because over the past two decades, they have falsely alleged that Pakistan has supported and trained terrorists” he then conceded that “Though Pakistan has supported and trained terrorists for the past two decades, this policy is being revisited” He hastened to add that “American allegation over the past two decades of Pakistan supporting terrorists has no basis or evidence”.

The attitude of the remaining 13% of the respondents are not known, they declined to answer as their US visa was still under the process of being approved. On reading a preliminary version of this report, liberal sections of the Pakistani society called for greater dialogue, understanding and reconciliation between the two opposing factions in every Pakistani’s head.