The Other Captions of the Other Pakistan

Dawn just wrote an article telling the world that not everyone in Pakistan is a peasant like you and not everyone slums around in a house without a gym and a swimming pool. However I felt the captions in the article could be improved further. Here is yours sachly’s take:

Educationalist and model Fatima (R) uses her mobile phone while her Filipino domestic worker holds her glass of water at her house in Lahore May 28, 2014.Educationalist and model Fatima: “…and that is why I never fail to tell my filipno maid that she should have paid more attention in class. That is why I work for universal access to education so everyone can afford Filipino maids.”


Ansa Hasan, a marketing manager at Porsche Pakistan, plays with a parrot at her house in Lahore February 21, 2014.

Ansa Hasan, a marketing manager at Porsche Pakistan:“…where did you get that maid from? Tired of holding my own parrot”


Pilates instructor Zainab Abbas (R) smokes a cigarette as she sits with a friend after lunch in Lahore February 19, 2014.

Pilates instructor Zainab Abbas: “Secret to a healthy lifestyle is to avoid unhealthy things. Like carbs. Substitute it with cigarettes if you feel cravings.”


Sarah (R) and her brother, artist Usman Ahmed (2nd R), smoke a water pipe, also known as a narghile, as they sit with friends at home in Islamabad May 8, 2014.

Sarah (R) and her brother, artist Usman Ahmed: “Thanks to Pilates instructor Zainab Abbas, my lung capacity has improved considerably”


Zahra Afridi (L) talks to a carpenter at a workshop on the outskirts of Islamabad February 10, 2014.

Zahra Afridi: “Talk about the poors ruining photoshoots of my dong chair by hanging out in the background.”


Aleena Raza reads a book in her bedroom in Lahore May 29, 2014.

Aleena Raza: “…I know!! Damn it Mariam! Quit ruining my pictures!”

Zahra Afridi (R) kicks a punching bag during a kickboxing training session at her home in Islamabad February 10, 2014.

Zahra Afridi: “…Oh! you noticed. Yes, the tattoo is in Arabic. Pays homage to my religion and my heritage”


Interior designer Afridi uses a circular saw as she sculpts a stone guitar outside the Classic Rock Coffee cafe in Islamabad March 8, 2014. Afridi runs her own interior design company.

Interior Designer Zahra Afridi: “Patriarchy has oppressed women and convinced them that eye protection is needed while being showered with sparks from a circular saw. I reject this ideology. Also hoping that none of the poors have been to Hard Rock Café. LoL.”